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“One day or day one: you decide.”

- #livewithmeaning

About the Author

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Raelyn Stevenson

"Welcome to Win the Morning, Win the Day gratitude journal! Congratulations on the start of your new daily ritual that will help you conquer your life-changing goals.


My passion for journaling originally began when I was feeling defeated with my own personal goals. As a result, I decided to buy a gratitude journal, not to help me lose the weight I've been wanting to, but to help me feel better about myself. Lo and behold, the results were life-changing. Cliché I know, but that is the honest truth and what originally sparked my passion for journaling.


My original goal was to lose weight, but once I changed my mindset, weight loss just became an additional bonus to my newfound energy and excitement for life.


Journaling allowed me to see this when I found myself expressing gratitude for increased productivity, better sleep quality, and improved quality of life instead of just the number on the scale.


The same can happen for you, if you just decide your dream is more powerful than your excuse."

About the Journal

How it Works: This is a 4 month hard cover gratitude journal designed for goal setting. This journal will assist you with creating healthy habits, practicing daily gratitude and positive self talk through daily affirmations. You will be able to set monthly goals in Health & Fitness, Finance, Relationships, Career and Other. You will have a weekly habit tracker every week to hold yourself accountable and regular check ins along the way. Now is the perfect time to put yourself first and accomplish your life-changing goals. 

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Success Stories

Hear from those who've tried it

"Win the Morning, Win the Day is just that. This journal made me feel like I was winning everyday. The best part is, it didn't feel like a burden filling it out, I truly enjoyed every step of this journal. It's brought persistence and a greater appreciation into my life." 


Chelsie V, Lost 10lbs

"Having never used a gratitude journal before, I was slightly skeptical. However, after seeing what success Raelyn had I was determined to try! Setting goals and reflecting daily achievements has made me more aware of my daily habits and how I can change them to help me accomplish purchasing my first home!"

Carly T, Saved Down Payment for Home Purchase

"What I love about this journal is Raelyn has personally put it to work and created this template tailored for success. This journal gives you the steps to naturally begin to grow in the direction you want subconsciously, while not feeling overwhelmed!"

Sylvia V, Lost 20lbs

Purchase Yours Today

Presale Price: $30.00 

With Free Delivery to Rimbey & Surrounding Areas

You can purchase your journal for $36.75 including Shipping & GST. Please send an EMT and your mailing address to
Wholesale opportunities are welcome. Please reach out by email to discuss further.
Thanks for your support, Raelyn.

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